Everything you need to manage your practice.
MDBug's elaborate scheduler lets you create and manage each individual user's
» Weekly Hours
» Appointment Types
» Intervals

When you schedule a new appointment or room a patient MDBug will let you know if the patient
» has an overdue EOB balance
» has a co-pay balance
» needs special attention
» has any outstanding activities
» has too many no shows

The grid view allows you to see all staff accounts at once with all their slots including
» Dedicated Slots
» Out Of Office Slots
» Double Booked Slots
Patient Chart
The patient's full chart loads quickly and is organized into tabs. All the patient information is loaded at once. The alert tab lets you know activities you should be aware of, such as procedures that should not be done, health maintenance activities that need to be done, vaccinations required, any reminders you should be aware of.
The patient chart
The medications tab
The family history tab
The social history tab
The surgical history tab
The diagnosis tab
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DrFirst's electronic prescription integration allows you keep track of patient's pharmacies, manage their medications to prescribe prescriptions though Surescripts behind the scenes
Viewing medications
Set medication details
Prescribing medications
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MDBug provides comprehensive claims management including "Explanation Of Benefits" (EOB) and invoicing Automatic item coding from diagnosis and meds improves billing accuracy and reduces claim denial. We use Availity as a clearinghouse.
The balance summary tab
The encounters tab
The payments and balances tab
The claim box list with details
Sending out invoices
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Progress Notes
The problem with most EHR/EHR systems is that doctors complain that they are cumbersome to use and it slows them down. But not MDBug. MDBug captures all aspects of the patient encounter including labs, vitals, meds and diagnosis and, using S.O.A.P. methodology, can intelligently create custom accurate progress notes as if you wrote them by hand. No one set of templates will be sufficient for all physicians. MDBug likes to provide our users customizable templates. If you don't like to start from scratch, you can import templates from other doctors.
The progress notes tab
Creating a note with templates
Viewing a note
Viewing labs while writing
Creating notes with history
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MDBug provides a fast and easy way to manage all sorts of data and problems you might encounter thoughout the day. Whether it's related to the clinic, or tied to your patients, once problems are resolved, they are permanantly tied to the patient's chart.
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MDBug allows you to keep track of all the vaccines your clinic has on hand. When you give the vaccines, the inventory is updated. The patient chart alerts you which vaccinations the patient needs based on age. You can add historic vaccines and view reports of low inventory quantities and the patient vaccination history.
The vaccines list
The vaccination table and ordering
The administration record
Setting historic vaccines
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You no longer need to go to another source to view the labs, then print it out for you to look at and file in the patient's chart. Those days are gone. Now the patient's lab result comes in electronically and automatically filed into the patient's chart. The next time you or the patient opens the chart, the labs are available.
The lab results tab
Plotting lab result data
The vitals tab with weight chart
Adding vitals
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The idea is to be paperless. We offer efax features to send and receive faxes automatically. We will even provide you with a new fax number if you wish.
Online Access
The Web based model transfers the complexity from you to us. With MDBug No Software to Buy Nothing to Install and configure Nothing to Upgrade. MDBug adds new features periodically that are instantly available to our users. No Additional Equipment to Buy. You can use your existing older computers all you need is a browser. Since the servers are on our end, MDBug ensures availability, reliability, security, and efficacy. MDBug backs up your data nightly to two locations. As long as you have access to a computer with a browser, you can access your data from another hospital, a phone, or from anywhere in the world.
Doctor Homepage
Advertise your clinic to the world. We provide a scalable easy to use home page portal for your practice.
The homepage
Your services provided
Clinical news
Profile pages
Clinic locations
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